You’d like a classic Cappuccino, but it’s way too hot outside… An iced coffee would work well, but it’s hard to say “no” to your favourite beverage, right?

Well, why not have both? We suggest you keep enjoying your precious Cappuccino, just in the form of Vienna Ice Coffee.

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Savour your coffee, close your eyes and enjoy Vienna. Take a walk on those baroque-looking streets, visit it’s grandiose palaces and attend a Viennese ball.

Let your imagination run free while you sip your Vienna Ice Coffee.

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lactose free


Because we care about our customers and because we think everyone should be able to enjoy their favourite coffee.

We created a beverage with the same distinctive Viennese taste, but with lactose free milk, all packed in a to-go cup, so that anyone can enjoy it anywhere.

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no sugar added

No sugar

The classic ice coffee, but with no added sugar, for those who live life at full intensity.

Because you want to really feel that coffee kick when you enjoy an iced coffee, but also, let’s face it, because you don’t need any sugar to sweeten yourself up.

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When you feel the need for a bit of relaxation, treat your taste buds with something a little more refined and delicate.

Taste Vienna Ice Coffee Vanilla and extend your summer break, no matter the season or location.

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Cacao drink

Maybe somedays you don’t need that extra kick. Or maybe you’re not the biggest fan of coffee. And that’s ok.

But still, you’d like to cool yourself down on a hot summer day with a refreshing and “portable” drink, that will both delight your taste buds and energize your mind.

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Close your eyes and take a sip of the Viennese heritage that is a cup of Vienna Ice Coffee.

Learn how a perfectly practical to-go cup of iced coffee arose from the traditional Viennese Coffee Shop Culture.

From a time where coffee drinking was an act in which time and space ceased to exist, to the modern fast-paced days, where the simple pleasure of enjoying a coffee needs to be integrated into the new dynamic lifestyle of the world.

Read how Vienna Ice Coffee came to be.